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"Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."

John Stuart Mill, 1867

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Find your congressional district, major candidates on ballot - Washington Post

democracy Definition, History, Meaning, Types, Examples, & Facts Britannica    [archive]
Signing of the United States Constitution - Wikipedia    [archive]
Timeline of drafting and ratification of the United States Constitution - Wikipedia    [archive]
The Constitution - Full Text The National Constitution Center    [archive]
History of the United States (1776-1789) - Wikipedia   [archive]

Voting Rights
League of Women Voters of Florida
Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Voto Latino
League of Women Voters of Missouri
League of Women Voters of Minnesota

The Jan. 6 insurrection, 1 year later - PBS NewsHour


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Republican Voters Against Trump
Right Side PAC

Joint Session of Congress for Counting of Electoral College Ballots - YouTube

Texas elections official faces attacks and pressure from partisan activists The Texas Tribune    [archive]
Florida Supreme Court leaves DeSantis congressional map in place for midterms    [archive]
Chip Roy Texted 'Frigging Rudy Needs to Hush' Amid 2020 Election Subversion    [archive]
New Laws Suppress Voter Registration Drives, Critics Say NPR    [archive]
'This Smacks of Something Gone Awry' A True Tale of Absentee Vote Fraud - POLITICO   [archive]

Trump's Trade War (full documentary) - FRONTLINE

Lies, Politics and Democracy (full film) - FRONTLINE

Lies, Politics and Democracy: Mona Charen (interview) - FRONTLINE

Democracy on Trial (full documentary) FRONTLINE - YouTube

Trump says he would 'protect classified information' during 2016 campaign rally

3 Expert Shoemakers Say Ron DeSantis Is Probably Wearing Height Boosters POLITICO    [archive]
Lauren Boeberts son arrested faces 22 charges    [archive]
Attorney General Merrick Garland names special counsel in Justice Dept.'s Trump probes    [archive]
Secret chats involving Republican lawmaker reveal fresh evidence of plots and paranoia World news The Guardian    [archive]
After Florida Voters Chose Democracy DeSantis and the GOP Chose Suppression WhoWhatWhy   [archive]

PolitiFact Donald Trump rewrites history about his Russia if youre listening comment about Clintons emails    [archive]
Who Is Konstantin Nikolaev Putin Ally Behind Mike Johnson Campaign Donation    [archive]
The American Right becomes Putins fanboys Florida Phoenix    [archive]
Kremlin memos urged Russian media to use Tucker Carlson clips report Fox News The Guardian    [archive]
Marjorie Taylor Greene singled out by disinformation experts for pushing Putin talking points about Ukraine   [archive]

Trump 2024
Sinad OConnor estate calls on Donald Trump to stop using her music Sinad OConnor The Guardian    [archive]
Trump Rants About Debating Biden Stunning New SelfNickname    [archive]
The Origin Of Trump Selling NATO Down the River Becoming Putins Puppet Explained In MustRead Piece PolitiZoom    [archive]
Lied under oath in my courtroom Judge Engoron email suggests massive penalty for Trump Raw Story    [archive]
Donald Trump May Have Won Iowabut He Just Lost a Slew of Lawyers The New Republic    [archive]
Trump crowd goes silent as he confuses Biden and Obama again The Independent    [archive]
Trump used platform to tear E Jean Carrolls name to shreds court hears Donald Trump The Guardian    [archive]
Pence refutes Trump on Jan 6 urges GOP to pick different candidate    [archive]
Whos Afraid of Calling Donald Trump an Insurrectionist The Atlantic    [archive]
Trump Advisers Warn Him A Criminal Conviction Could Be a Disaster   [archive]

Trump 2023
A Legally Besieged Trump Focuses on a Personal Goal Revenge Against Hillary Clinton    [archive]
LiberalNavySeal LeftyNavySeal Twitter    [archive]
Florida Democrat asks county to increase MaraLago tax to match Trump claims The Hill    [archive]
Fani Willis Georgia trial involving Trump might not conclude until early 2025 The Washington Post    [archive]
Even Fox News top legal commentator says the indictment against Trump is extremely damning    [archive]
Why Trump should brace for much more serious charges in Georgia probe journalist    [archive]
Listen Billionaire Brags That Trump Shared Sensitive Info With Him    [archive]
Mary Trump Shows GOP Wannabes How To Give Loser Trump A Lesson In Humiliation    [archive]
Jan6 indictment Trumps six coconspirators are unnamedbut their identities arent so mysterious    [archive]
Trump Georgia election case defendant pleads guilty   [archive]

Trump 2022
Trump 'Terrified' as Walls 'Closing in' With Cipollone Hearing Mary Trump    [archive]
Trump Appeal on 1_6 Documents Likely to Be Denied by Supreme Court Ex-Watergate Prosecutor    [archive]
9-26-22-us-motion-for-summary-judgment-peter-navarro.pdf    [archive]
Trump-backed Rep. Mary Miller says at rally that overturning Roe v. Wade is a victory for White life; campaign says she miss    [archive]
It Turns Out There Are "Trump Judges" After All The New Republic    [archive]
Tenants suing Trump family say they got 'smoking gun' evidence from ... the Trumps Reuters    [archive]
Trump Doesn't Deny Taking Classified Nuclear Docs in New Statement    [archive]
Under fire, Trump denies writing what he wrote about Constitution    [archive]
Trump sued by New York AG Letitia James Key takeaways from the lawsuit - The Washington Post    [archive]
Trump Tells His Lawyers Get 'My' Top Secret Documents Back - Rolling Stone   [archive]

Trump 2021
Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump 'knew they were lying' over ploy to sell condos, book claims Ivanka Trump The Guardian    [archive]
Trump reportedly lashed out at Kushner over increased COVID-19 testing 'I'm going to lose, and it's going to be your fault'    [archive]
'Bomb-making manuals' found in home of Proud Boy who stormed U.S. Capitol Reuters    [archive]
A mob swarmed the US Capitol and this is what some said - CNN    [archive]
COVID-19 Vast Majority of Worst Affected States Voted Trump - WaPo   [archive]

Trump 2020
Hydroxychloroquine What's Known About Treating the Coronavirus - The Atlantic    [archive]
'My Fellow American' Donald Trump letter to stimulus check recipients raises objections    [archive]
Trump's claims are increasingly being ignored - The Washington Post    [archive]
Germany confirms that Trump tried to buy firm working on coronavirus vaccine - POLITICO    [archive]
Michael Cohen Here's What's Really Behind Trump's Election Lies   [archive]

Trump 2019
Trump's Secret to Victory in 2020 Hispanic Voters - POLITICO Magazine    [archive]
Trump Golf Costs Top $110 Million -- More Than 1 Estimate For All Of Obama's Travel    [archive]
President Trump's cheating habits in golf detailed in book    [archive]
Twitter Users Show Donald Trump Jr. Just How Dumb He Looks In Mueller Report    [archive]
Jewish Groups Accuse Trump of Anti-Semitism Over 'Horrifying' Plan to Define Judaism As a Nationality politics   [+archive]

Trump 2018
'Fox & Friends' Fed Interview Script to Trump's EPA Chief, Emails Show    [archive]
Warren Buffett nailed why Donald Trump's businesses failed in a lecture 25 years ago    [archive]
Impeach Trump Add Your Name    [archive]
The Cybersecurity 202 Lawmakers warn Trump's election interference order does not go nearly far enough - The Washington Post    [archive]
maxwell ogden on Twitter Today Trump removed all open data (9GB) from the White House httpst.coELRMxTgdb2 but I grabbed it a   [archive]

"Malignant narcissism, the most dangerous psychopathology known to humankind."

Erich Fromm, (1900-1980)

Malignant narcissism - Wikipedia    [archive]
Malignant Narcissism What It Actually Means    [archive]
Donald Trump, Psychopathic President - YouTube    [archive]
Renowned Psychologist Like Hitler, Trump suffers from Sadism, Malignant Narcissism & Paranoia HillReporter    [archive]
'Malignant narcisissm' Donald Trump displays classic traits of mental illness, claim psychologists The Independent The Indep   [archive]

Book censorship

The book ban movement has a chilling new tactic harass teachers on social media MIT Technology Review    [archive]
49 Stamped Racism Antiracism and You by Ibram X Kendi and Jason Reynolds The 50 most banned books in America    [archive]
Tennessee Seahorse Book Ban Truth or Fiction    [archive]
Plattsmouth voters recall school board member who crafted book removal policy    [archive]
Judge orders books removed from Texas public libraries due to LGBTQ and racial content must be replaced within 24 hours CNN   [archive]


Indiana becomes 1st state to approve abortion ban post Roe - ABC News    [archive]
The covert abortion network that could upend GOP plans for a postRoe America The Washington Post    [archive]
The Clarence Thomas Scandal Is Somehow Looking Even Worse Vanity Fair   [archive]

Trumps Iran Tweet Included Image From Specific Spy Satellite Amateurs Find NPR    [archive]
Sleuths Find the TopSecret and Classified Satellite Behind Trumps Tweeted Photo Space    [archive]
Intel Veterans React to Trump Tweet of Iran Launch Pad Photo From Briefing   [archive]

Could American Evangelicals Spot the Antichrist Here Are the Biblical Predictions - Benjamin L. Corey    [archive]
What the Bible Predicts About the Antichrist Do You Know What the Bible Actually Says - YouTube   [archive]

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