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Constitution of the United States - Wikipedia    [archive]
Constitution Annotated Library of Congress    [archive]
History of the United States (1776-1789) - Wikipedia    [archive]
Constitution of the United States of America Definition, Summary, Amendments, Analysis, Importance, & Facts Britannica    [archive]
National Archives Museum National Archives Museum    [archive]

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UPDATE: January 6 Insurrection: What's Happened Since? (full documentary) - FRONTLINE


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Life After the Capitol Riot for a Diehard Trump Supporter - YouTube

Michael Friedman on Twitter @thedailybeast So Navarro's Plan B, getting the Electoral College to disregard the votes of the    [archive]
Kemp signs sweeping elections bill passed by Georgia legislature. Here's what's in it. - ABC News    [archive]
PolitiFact The faulty premise of the '2,000 mules' trailer about voting by mail in the 2020 election    [archive]
Plan Your Vote 2022 Elections    [archive]
Arizona voter says they were intimidated trying to vote See surveillance video CNN    [archive]

Trump's Road to the White House (full documentary) - FRONTLINE

Lies, Politics and Democracy (full film) - FRONTLINE

Lies, Politics and Democracy: John Bolton (interview) - FRONTLINE

Trump says he would 'protect classified information' during 2016 campaign rally

Did Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Say 'Jewish Lasers' Caused California Wildfires    [archive]
George Santos calls federal charges a witch hunt and refuses to resign following arrest The Independent    [archive]
Florida Republican Wants to Cancel Democrats Over Slavery    [archive]
Ted Cruz Repays Himself $555,000 in Campaign Funds Following SCOTUS Win    [archive]
Slavery Was Good DeSantis Suspends Floridas Only Black Woman State Attorney    [archive]

Trump 2023
Liz Cheney launches new ad in New Hampshire attacking Trump    [archive]
Trump attorney ordered to testify before grand jury investigating former president CNN Politics    [archive]
Fact check Trump boasts about a massive oil purchase that never happened    [archive]
Rudy Giulianis Mugshot Released in Trump Georgia Case    [archive]
Trump Arrested in New York Becomes First President to Face Charges Rolling Stone    [archive]
Officials Investigate Threats Against Trump Grand Jurors in Georgia The New York Times    [archive]
Donald Trump Calls for Protests Ahead of Potential Tuesday Arrest    [archive]
Live updates Donald Trump indicted by grand jury    [archive]
Trump leaves Atlanta after surrendering at Fulton County Jail    [archive]
Why Trumps base is a brainwashed cult and how to break the spell rAmericanFascism2020    [archive]

Trump 2022
The Trump effect has an important impact on the perceived ideology of Republican candidates, according to new research    [archive]
Trump's TRUTH Social Twitter Ripoff Suffers Another Setback Due to His Criminal Corruption    [archive]
Donald Trump 'I Could ... Shoot Somebody, And I Wouldn't Lose Any Voters' The Two-Way NPR    [archive]
The Telegraph on Twitter John Legend 'Trump has no business being close to the reins of power ever again' The singer talks p    [archive]
Trump's incendiary Texas speech may have deepened his legal troubles, experts say    [archive]
Trump Had Hidden $19.8 Million Loan From North Korea-Linked Company As President Report    [archive]
Bill Barr DOJ close to having evidence to indict Trump, but shouldn't do it    [archive]
FBI searches Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home and seizes documents Donald Trump The Guardian    [archive]
Trump rages at Bill Barr for Fox News comments about Mar-a-Lago raid 'A weak and pathetic RINO' The Independent    [archive]
Mar-a-Lago -- and Trump -- have long caused concerns for US intelligence - CNNPolitics    [archive]

Trump 2021
Brad Raffensperger said he would 'gladly participate' in an interview with the Fulton County DA about Trump pressuring elect    [archive]
Trump-backed Georgia Senate candidate cancels fundraiser after uproar over donor use of Nazi swastika in profile - The Washi    [archive]
'I just want 11,780 votes' Trump pressed Georgia to overturn Biden victory US news The Guardian    [archive]
Omarosa It's Time for Trump to 'Come Clean' About His Health    [archive]
How will Trump live without Twitter and Facebook Ask Alex Jones. - Vox    [archive]

Trump 2020
Trump's re-election chances plunge amid rise in coronavirus fears, according to major oddsmaker    [archive]
Holly on Twitter It is not a surprise that Trump's reference to protesters throwing soup cans, is allegedly linked to    [archive]
BrooklynDad_Defiant! on Twitter REMINDER trump told Bob Woodward the truth about COVID-19, while his Lie of the Year to the    [archive]
Germany confirms that Trump tried to buy firm working on coronavirus vaccine - POLITICO    [archive]
Americans for Hope on Twitter @mschlapp Christians, wake up! Trump can't name a single Bible verse as his favorite. When ask    [archive]

Trump 2019
Even By Donald Trump's Standards for Cheap Lies, This Is Off the Charts    [archive]
Rep. Cummings 'No doubt' about President Trump being racist    [archive]
'Always been dirty' Nearly every organization associated with Trump under investigation    [archive]
Jewish Groups Accuse Trump of Anti-Semitism Over 'Horrifying' Plan to Define Judaism As a Nationality politics    [+archive]
Trump administration providing 'false' information about Gulf of Oman attack, says Japanese tanker owner    [archive]

Trump 2018
Doctor's daughters Trump's bone spurs diagnosis was fake    [archive]
Special Counsel Refers Scheme Targeting Mueller to FBI - The Atlantic    [archive]
Donald Trump dishonors our troops    [archive]
Trump Brags To Troops About A Fictional Giant Pay Raise He Got Them HuffPost    [archive]
Warren Buffett nailed why Donald Trump's businesses failed in a lecture 25 years ago    [archive]

"Malignant narcissism, the most dangerous psychopathology known to humankind."

Erich Fromm, (1900-1980)

Donald Trump, Malignant Narcissist, Blames Ukrainian Casualties on "Rigged" U.S. Election Vanity Fair    [archive]
Psychologist-backed Documentary Labels Trump 'Malignant Narcissist' Barron's    [archive]
Renowned Psychologist Like Hitler, Trump suffers from Sadism, Malignant Narcissism & Paranoia HillReporter    [archive]
Is Donald Trump Actually a Narcissist Therapists Weigh In! Vanity Fair    [archive]
Donald Trump textbook narcissist - Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - Utrecht University    [archive]

Book censorship

Florida school bans Amanda Gormans inauguration poem after parent complains of hate messages Florida News Orlando Orlando Weekly    [archive]
School district denies banning Girls Who Code books    [archive]
Stephen King The Book-Banners Adventure in Censorship is Stranger Than Fiction    [archive]
The Digital Public Library Protects Our Right to Read Banned Books    [archive]
Bill would ban the teaching of scientific theories in Montana schools Montana Public Radio    [archive]


"Not Her Body, Not Her Choice" Indiana Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban Vanity Fair    [archive]
Clarence Thomas Friend Harlan Crow Had Supreme Court Conflict of Interest Bloomberg    [archive]
Justice Clarence Thomas failed to disclose 2014 real estate deal with GOP megadonor ProPublica report finds CNN Politics    [archive]

What the Bible Predicts About the Antichrist Do You Know What the Bible Actually Says - YouTube    [archive]
Could American Evangelicals Spot the Antichrist Here Are the Biblical Predictions - Benjamin L. Corey   [archive]

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