Human Trafficking
Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000    [archive]
Child Trafficking Awareness    [archive]
Coalition to Abolish and Trafficking    [archive]
The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (1-800-THE-LOST)    [archive]
Girl Rising    [archive]
Trafficking in Persons Report 2015    [archive]
Child Sex Trafficking    [archive]
USAID Thailand Counter Trafficking in Persons    [archive]
End Child Trafficking    [archive]
Innocents at Risk   [archive]

Connecticut Man Indicted for Attempting to Induce Minors to Engage in Unlawful Sexual Activity at Ludlow Residence - USAO-VT - Department of Justice    [archive]
Arizona Corrections Officer Who Posted Image Suggesting Death as Cure for Pedophilia Arrested for Molesting Child    [archive]
More men accuse former Texas judge, Baptist leader of sexual misconduct    [archive]
Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Accused of Sexual Assault    [archive]
Director of Childrens Ministries arrested for child porn molestation in Norman KFORcom Oklahoma City    [archive]
'Brother Stephen' convicted of soliciting sex - The Daily Pennsylvanian    [archive]
Who has more Sex Offenders Republicans or Democrats StuffThatSpinscom    [archive]
Echo councilman criticized for gay slur, child porn resigns -    [archive]
Children now biggest perpetrators of sexual abuse against children Child protection The Guardian    [archive]
Sleazy Sen. Bob Packwood's 1995 resignation followed years of serial sexual misconduct - New York Daily News    [archive]
Bradford County DA Chad Salsman resigns, pleads guilty sex assault case    [archive]
Pa. Congressman's Affair Threatens Seat -    [archive]
Ronnie Floyd resigns as SBC Executive Committee chief    [archive]
ExGOP Lawmaker Allegedly Flew To Prague To Rape Minor HuffPost Latest News    [archive]
Jail, probation for longtime Idaho political figure after guilty plea to child porn charges -    [archive]
Gov. Spencer Cox's 2020 campaign manager accused of 'sexual misconduct' - Deseret News    [archive]
National Statistics on Child Abuse National Childrens Alliance    [archive]
Pro bowler facing child sexual abuse material charges after midgame arrest at US Open US sports The Guardian    [archive]
Lawsuit alleges billionaire Leon Black raped autistic teen at Epsteins townhouse    [archive]
Accusations by ex-mistress of GOP mega donor Elliott Broidy go public - CNN Politics    [archive]
Former youth pastor convicted of child sex abuse charges DA -    [archive]
Following Pensacola child director's 3rd arrest, sheriff says more victims possible - WEAR    [archive]
State superintendent candidate April Grace responds to 'insinuations'    [archive]
Accused Capitol rioter who yelled at police for 'protecting pedophiles' served jail time for statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl, report says    [archive]
Idaho Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger, accused of rape, received multiple warnings about behavior toward women - The Washington Post    [archive]
Former Southern California youth pastor charged with molestation of 4 boys    [archive]
NH Senator Convicted of Blackmailing Lester Hunt - New England Historical Society    [archive]
Republican Sexual Predators Abusers and Enablers Pt 1    [archive]
Schuylkill County sheriff candidate to drop from race; denies allegations against him on social media page - The Morning Call    [archive]
Conservative group aims to recall Valley City rep after vote to expel accused sexual harasser    [archive]
Former Southern Baptist Leader Charged With Sexual Assault - HuffPost Latest News    [archive]
Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill denies groping lawmaker, staffers CNN    [archive]
Arnold Schwarzenegger 'I stepped over the line several times' with women - Washington Examiner    [archive]
Senator Bill Dix Abruptly Resigns; Relationship with Female Lobbyist Revealed - Iowa Public Radio    [archive]
Well-known GOP activist held in sex-predator sting The Seattle Times    [archive]
Judge sentences 'serial child molester' Hastert to 15 months    [archive]
Russell Brand accused of rape and sexual assault BBC News    [archive]
Rep. Steve King Humanity Wouldn't Exist Without Rape, Incest    [archive]
Ryan Samsel, Rioter Who Gave Capitol Cop a Concussion, Has Horrific History of Beating Women    [archive]
Man arrested for sex crimes involved in crash last year    [archive]
U.S. Prosecutor Held in a Child Sex Sting Kills Himself - The New York Times    [archive]
Sandusky Co. prosecutor pleads guilty to assault charge, will remain in office for up to six months The Blade    [archive]
Student Claims Christian College Disciplined Her After She Reported Her Assault    [archive]
More than 200,000 children married in US over the last 15 years The Independent The Independent    [archive]
Arlington youth pastor charged with child rape -    [archive]
Andrew Tate prosecution files reveal graphic claims of coercion ahead of trial BBC News    [archive]
State Rep. Steve Marino accused of domestic abuse from fellow lawmaker    [archive]
rising_republican_star_faces_accusations_from_women    [archive]
Donald Trump Discusses His Baby Daughter's legs and breasts (1994) - YouTube    [archive]
Russell Brand accused of rape sexual assault and abuse by four women including teen Mirror Online   [archive]

Human Trafficking - Philippines
Child Protection Unit Network - Philippines    [archive]
Human trafficking in the Philippines    [archive]
Human Trafficking Hotline    [archive]
Philippines Against Child Trafficking (PACT)    [archive]
Human Trafficking Hotline - Philippines   [archive]

Grooming and Red Flag Behaviors - Darkness to Light
Online grooming What it is, how it happens, and how to defend children Thorn
Internet Safety 101 Grooming
Everything You Need to Know About Online Grooming The Innocent Lives Foundation
6 Stages of Grooming Adults and Teens Spotting The Red Flags Skills Platform Blog

Te Protejo, Colombia    [archive]
Internet Hotline Center Japan    [archive]
Estonian Union for Child welfare    [archive]
Internet Association of Kazakhstan    [archive]
EMMAUS (International Forum of Solidarity), Bosnia    [archive]
Red Peruana contra la Pornografia Infantil, Peru    [archive]
Barnaheill- Save the Children Iceland    [archive]
Cyberethics, Cyprus    [archive]
safer internet, Poland    [archive]
ECO, Germany    [archive]
Internet Watch Foundation, United Kingdom    [archive]
Cybertip, Canada    [archive]
Net Patrola, Serbia    [archive]
Korea Communication Standards Commission    [archive]
National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888)    [archive]
Stopline, Slovakia    [archive]
Internet Hotline, Hungary    [archive]
Red Barnet Save the Children, Denmark    [archive]
Netsafe New Zealand    [archive]
Childline 1098 India   [archive]

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