America's Medical Supply Crisis (full documentary) - FRONTLINE

Board Docs can lose license spreading faux vaccine info    [archive]
Max Boot on Twitter While its hosts attack vaccine mandates as "totalitarian tactics," Fox itself requires that anyone enter    [archive]
How the Centner Academy Became a Beacon for Anti-Vaxxers - The New York Times    [archive]
[OC] I created 200 fake Facebook accounts, half to post Pro Vaccine comments, half Anti Vax comments. Each group used simila    [archive]
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Anti-vaxxers are weaponizing Yelp to punish bars that require vaccine proof MIT Technology Review    [archive]
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Joe Walsh on Twitter Tucker Carlson got vaccinated. Very early on. And yet, every night he tells his audience NOT to get vac    [archive]
Judge sides with parents and overturns DeSantis school mask ban The Independent    [archive]
Rex Zane on Twitter United Airlines is requiring all employees to get vaccinated or take unpaid leave, showing once again th    [archive]

Covid 2022
Why Kim Jong Un is 'freaking out' North Korea's covid nightmare - Grid News    [archive]
Factors causing low COVID-19 vaccination have spilled over to lower flu vaccination rates UCLA Health    [archive]
What Makes Brain Fog So Unforgiving - The Atlantic    [archive]
Are Omicron subvariants BA.4.6 or BA.2.75 threats to California - Los Angeles Times    [archive]
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Covid 2021
Could One Shot Kill the Flu The New Yorker    [archive]
A COVID Vaccination Passport Scheme Based on IOTA by Dan Crossley May, 2021 Medium    [archive]
Pfizer COVID pill benefited from research on SARS Shots - Health News NPR    [archive]
Vaccine Mandates Crash Into America's 'Don't Tell Me What To Do' State - POLITICO    [archive]
Coronavirus 'You are not a cow' FDA begs Americans to stop taking de-wormer meant for livestock as COVID-19 remedy CTV News    [archive]

Covid 2020
Surgical Mask vs N95 Respirator for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Workers A Randomized Trial Geriatrics JAMA JAMA N    [archive]
Coronaviruses - a Brief History    [archive]
7 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Shop for Food - The New York Times    [archive]
The Richest Neighborhoods Emptied Out Most as Coronavirus Hit New York City - The New York Times    [+archive]
Chuck Callesto on Twitter BREAKING REPORT HIDDEN in the 5,893 page bill that @realDonaldTrump is anticipated to VETO is a pr    [archive]

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