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Project 2025
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What is Project 2025 And Why Is It Alarming- - YouTube

Complete ban on abortions, without exceptions (pg. 449-503)
End marriage equality (pg. 545-581)
Elimination of unions and worker protections (pg. 581)
Defund the FBI and Homeland Security (pg. 133)
Eliminate federal agencies like the FDA, EPA, NOAA, and more (pg. 363-417)
Mass deportation of immigrants and incarceration in "camps" (pg. 133)
End birthright citizenship (pg. 133)
Cut Social Security (pg. 691)
Cut Medicare (pg. 449)
Eliminate the Department of Education (pg. 319)
Teach Christian religious beliefs in public schools (pg. 319)
Use public, taxpayer money for private religious schools (pg. 319)
End the Affordable Care Act (pg. 449)
Ban contraceptives (pg. 449)
Additional tax breaks for corporations and the 1% (pg. 691)
End civil rights & DEI protections in government (pg. 545-581)
Ban African American and gender studies in all levels of education (pg. 319)
End climate protections (pg. 417)
Increase Arctic drilling (pg. 363)
Deregulate big business and the oil industry (pg. 363)
Make all food labeling "voluntary" with no penalties for false or misleading food labels (pg. 307)

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