Capitol Violence - FBI    [archive]
#SeditionInsiders - Sedition Hunters   [archive]
Faces of the Riot    [archive]
Sedition Hunters    [archive]

US Capitol Attack Video Map    [archive]
US Capitol Siege, tools and data By Patr10tic    [archive]
https __www.jan6attack.com_maps.htm    [archive]
Individuals - Capitol Terrorist Attack - January 6th    [archive]    [archive]    [archive]
Parler Videos - January 6th - Capitol Terrorist Attack    [archive]
ne0ndistraction capitol insurrection - floorplans    [archive]
January 6 Evidence    [archive]
Capitol Breach Cases USAO-DC Department of Justice    [archive]
PimEyes Face Recognition Search Engine and Reverse Image Search   [archive]
Jan6 facial recognition    [archive]
Sedition Has Consequences Sedition Tracker    [archive]

Hate symbols
Hate Map

Gab hack gives unprecedented look into platform used by far right The far right The Guardian    [archive]
Inside Gab, the Online Safe Space for Far-Right Extremists    [archive]
Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked-Including Private Data WIRED    [archive]
New wave of 'hacktivism' adds twist to cybersecurity woes Reuters    [archive]
Hackers break into far-right social network Gab, collect a slew of private data Mashable    [archive]

Gab data
GabLeaks - 70 GB   [archive] Network
A Major Trump Forum Scrubs Its Archives of Thousands of Pre-Riot Posts - Mother Jones    [archive]
FBI finds evidence of coordination at Capitol riot - The Washington Post    [archive]

*.win Network data
Win Network - 4.5 GB   [archive]

Oath Keepers
Iron County GOP leader on Oath Keepers list    [archive]
Local NAACP calls for Deltona city commissioner to step down    [archive]
A charismatic interloper preached readiness and race war to the Oath Keepers. Was he a federal agent or just a 'messed-up ve    [archive]
An Oath Keeper Is Running For New York City Council    [archive]
Oath Keepers Panicked That the Left Would 'Decapitate' Them After Failed Capitol Putsch    [archive]

Oath Keepers data
Oath Keepers - 5 GB   [archive]

Patriot Front
A Guide To Patriot Front's Leaked Media Files - UNICORN RIOT    [archive]
Patriot Front Fascist Leak Exposes Nationwide Racist Campaigns - UNICORN RIOT    [archive]
We're Americans, And We're Fascists Inside Patriot Front - UNICORN RIOT    [archive]

Patriot Front data
RocketChat DiscordLeaks    [archive]
Discord DiscordLeaks    [archive]
Patriot Front - 440 GB   [archive]
Patriot Front audio - 187.7 MB    [archive]

Cameo App Condemns Capitol Hill Riot While Hosting Proud Boys Founder    [archive]
FAST THINKING How the Capitol riot was coordinated online - Atlantic Council    [archive]
Parler Is Gone, But Hackers Say They Downloaded Everything First    [archive]
Technologists Use Facial Recognition on Parler Videos    [archive]
Parler Finds Refuge With the Far-Right's Favorite Webhost    [archive]

Parler data
https __parler-archive.deadops.de_    [archive]
GitHub - d0nk_parler-tricks Reverse engineered Parler API    [archive]
Parler tracker Dashboard    [archive]

Data leaks shows 140 local area people donated to convoy campaign -    [archive]
Donation site for Ottawa truckers' 'Freedom Convoy' protest exposed donors' data TechCrunch    [archive]
Far-Right Groups Are Funding Canada's "Freedom Convoy"    [archive]
Trucker Protests Questions Mount About How Donations Spent    [archive]
Paypal says it blocked Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo Fox Business    [archive]

GiveSendGo data
GiveSendGo 4.0 - 5 GB    [archive]
GiveSendGo - 15MB   [archive]
GiveSendGo 3.0 - 33.6 MB    [archive]
GiveSendGo 5.0 - 863.3 MB    [archive]
GiveSendGo 2.0 - 2.5 GB    [archive]

Anonymous Announces New Leak Of Epik Data    [archive]
The Dirty Business of Hosting Hate Online   [archive]
Anonymous hacks and leaks data from domain registrar Epik - The Record by Recorded Future    [archive]

Epik data
Epik - 180 GB    [archive]

Revealed the Trump-linked 'Super PAC' working behind the scenes to drive Europe's voters to the far Right openDemocracy    [archive]
WikiLeaks - The Intolerance Network    [archive]

CitizenGo data
CitizenGo - 24 GB   [archive]

Other leaks/hacks
Arron Banks - Wikipedia    [archive]
Identity Evropa's Neo-Nazi Organizing Plans Revealed In New Leaks - UNICORN RIOT    [archive]
Guns and Cereal Inside The Missouri Proud Boys - UNICORN RIOT    [archive]
Staminus - 47.9 GB    [archive]
Identity Evropa Discord logs - 809.6 MB    [archive]

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Newtral -Spain

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View Exif data online, remove Exif online
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