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Dec 19, 2022 Select Committee Hearing #10 [January 6th Committee]

Jan 6
Duty To Warn on Twitter Officer Michael Fanone "Josh Hawley is a bitch, and he ran like a bitch _ Twitter    [archive]
What the Jan. 6 responders found Brotherhood in trauma and a search for accountability - POLITICO    [archive]
Jan. 6 attack shook once-fierce loyalties of Trump's closest aides, new transcripts show    [archive]
What January 6 Insurrectionists Wanted - and What They Lost    [archive]
Cassidy Hutchinson Told Jan. 6 Panel That Lawyer Tried to Influence Her Testimony - The New York Times    [archive]
Mark Meadows Spills to Jack Smith on Trump Lies Report    [archive]
Arizona primary election results show Trump's GOP destruction    [archive]
Exclusive Trump's former White House ethics lawyer told Cassidy Hutchinson to give misleading testimony to January 6 committee, sources say CNN Politics    [archive]
Historian Says Trump Should Have Been at Capitol Riot to Pull Off Coup    [archive]
Report outs Jim Jordan's weaponization subcommittee "whistleblowers" as frauds paid by Trump ally Salon.com    [archive]

updated: 02-24-2024

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