Vivisection, viv'i-sek'shan, n. [< L. vivus, alive, and sectio, sectionis, a cutting.] The dissection of, or otherwise experimenting on, a living animal, esp. for the purpose of ascertaining or demonstrating some fact in physiology or pathology. -Websters Dictionary

"...Facts incontrovertible in the [animal] laboratory are applied to clinical medicine in a manner quite unwarranted. The best examples are the indiscriminate use of hormones and the ready acceptance of the biased blurbs of [animal] research propagated by commercial travellers."

Dr. Ffrangcon Roberts, British Medical Journal, June 16, 1945, p. 848

"Let none count themselves wise who have not with the nerves of their imagination felt the pain of the vivisected."

John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), novelist, poet and essayist

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