"Proteins are made of amino acids. Because meat, poultry, fish, and eggs contain highly acidic amino acids, they provide an acid load to the body. Plant foods, on the other hand, provide an alkaline (base) load. The body protects its acid-base balance carefully so that biochemical reactions can occur properly. An acidic, animal-based diet must be neutralized (buffered). The primary buffering system of the body is the bones. Bones dissolve to neutralize the acid. This is the first step to osteoporosis. Changes in kidney physiology cause the excretion of large amounts of calcium in the urine. This is the second step. The bones are weakened and the kidneys develop stones. Handfuls of calcium pills and gallons of milk will not make up for the loss."

p.84 from The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook (1997). John A. McDougall, M.D. and Mary McDougall.

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