Human Rights


Methods of Nonviolence

Formal statements

  • Public Speeches

  • Letters of Opposition or Support

  • Declarations

  • Group or mass petitions

Communicating with a Wider Audience

  • Banners, posters, and displayed communications

  • Leaflets, pamphlets, and books

  • Media

Group Presentations

  • Mock awards and elections

  • Group lobbying

  • Picketing

  • Vigils

Symbolic Public Acts

  • Wearing of symbols

  • Prayer and worship

  • Symbolic reclamations

Drama and Music

  • Performances of plays and music

  • Singing


  • Marches and parades

  • Religious processions

  • Pilgrimages

Honoring the Dead

  • Political mourning

  • Demonstrative funerals

  • Homage at burial places

Withdrawal and Renunciation

  • Walk-outs

  • Silence

  • Renouncing honors

  • Turning one's back

Methods of Social Noncooperation

  • Student strike

  • Social disobedience

  • Withdrawal from social institutions

  • "Flight" of workers

  • Collective disappearance

Methods of Economic Noncooperation/Intervention

  • Boycott

  • Refusal to let or sell property

  • Lockout

  • Refusal of industrial assistance

  • Embargo

  • Strike

  • Preclusive purchasing

  • Supporting alternative markets

Methods of Political Noncooperation

Rejecting of Authority

  • Withdrawal or withholding of allegiance

  • Refusal of public support

  • Literature and speeches advocating

Citizen Noncooperation with Government

  • Boycott of government supported institutions and elections

  • Refusal of assistance to enforcement agents

  • Refusal to accept appointed officials

Citizen Alternatives to Obedience

  • Reluctant and slow compliance

  • Nonobedience in absence of direct supervision

  • Popular nonobedience

Methods of Nonviolent Intervention
Psychological Intervention

  • Fast / Hunger Strike

Physical Intervention

  • Sit-in

  • Mock "die"-in

  • Nonviolent occupation

Original list published by the Albert Einstein Institute.

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